Hi there, gorgeous!

Hi there, gorgeous!

For years I struggled with horrible depression, anxiety, irritable bowel and complex PTSD. I was energetically out of balance from growing up in a home with mental illness and the confusion of many of my basic needs being unmet. As an only child there was nobody to blame anything on and I assumed everything that happened was my fault. This set into motion me searching for answers from a very young age. I believed that if I could find what was “wrong” with me I would then have a happy family. I wish I could say that my family transformed in a positive way, but the truth is my quest led me into numerous fields of study, discovering bit by bit the breadcrumbs of my own beautiful heart, mind and soul. Ultimately I have come through and out the other side of cPTSD and created a beautiful life filled with a committed, loving partnership of 35+ years. The truth is I didn’t do this all by myself.

From as early of an age as I can recall I was able to see angels, nature spirits and hear the voice of God/Spirit. I grew up playing with the energy that I could see, hear, often smell and taste that was all around and within me. When none of the adults in my life made sense I would sit quietly and commune with my innermost guidance. I learned quickly that “IT” knew the answers and led me in a direction that always kept me safe. As I grew my study of energy and creativity grew out of my need to survive and within the last few years to finally THRIVE! Going from surviving to thriving requires entirely new skills since what often works for our survival ultimately keeps us, well… just surviving and not actually living our lives in FULL COLOR!

In 2017, I discovered the Natural Rhythms coaching where I learned to deeply apply the forces of creation as well as the magic contained within my astrology birth chart. This work lifted me up beyond survival and taught me how to begin to take charge of my life and begin living like I always somehow knew was possible! Shortly following this certification a beautiful woman I met in my coaching training introduced me to Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™ (CCT for short). Up until this point I had been working with energy medicine and had had some great results. No matter how frequently I would utilize my energy tools I would still ultimately be limited by the PTSD as to how far outside of base level living my nervous system would allow me to travel. The gift of CCT, a powerful energy healing modality has literally transformed my frazzled, overburdened electromagnetic system and repaired the nervous system damage I had been carrying for over 50 years. There isn’t enough space here for me to write all the positive, life enhancing benefits I’ve personally experienced as a result of this beautiful healing system. My husband also shares the same incredible experience of CCT as do hundreds of people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and/or working with.

And finally, why Chakradance? I have been a lifelong dancer and mover. I discovered early in my adolescence that moving the body keeps the energy channels clean and clear. Dance kept me off the streets and out of trouble (well mostly) as a teenager and I credit it to never losing my mind. As I began working with clients I realized that people often needed a little guidance as to give themselves permission to simply let go and move their body.

Since Chakradance is guided energy work for the mind, body and soul and has its roots anchored deeply in Jungian psychology making it incredibly powerful and safe for nearly everybody it was a natural fit for my practice. Chakradance combines movement, meditation and mandala art making into a delicious process that has enabled thousands of people to eliminate addictions, increase their intimacy and release lifelong trauma patterns that kept them detached from themselves and their own inner guidance. Chakradance…”move your body, change your life!”™

It is my deepest and most passionate desire, dare I say even my life’s purpose, to share my medicine with all who are ready to step fully and unapologetically into their authentic self expression and greatest life vision. The practices I offer produce results!!! If you are ready for MORE life, more freedom and BEcoming MORE of who you were created to BE please reach out and  schedule an introductory call to see if together we can create greater magic and joy in your life!

6 Pillars of My Business and Life

  • Energetic Integrity
  • Truth
  • Beauty
  • Soulful Movement + Embodiment
  • Creative Play
  • Kindness for All Beings



  • BS Natural Health
  • Crystalline Consciousness Technique, Master of Transformation
  • Chakradance Licensed Facilitator
  • Natural Rhythms Creation Coach and Facilitator
  • Creatively Fit Coach
  • Conscious Dance Facilitator
  • Elemental Oracle Card Reader
  • Akashic Record Reading; Soul Realignment Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Feng Shui practitioner 9 Harmonies School of Feng Shui
  • EFT/TFT certification
  • Barbara Brennan Healing Method
  • Hypnotherapy certification, Dr. Karen Wells
  • Mediumship and Intuitive Readings
  • Student of Buddhism and Tibetan Shamanism for over 20+ years
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Licensed cosmetologist