Let’s Work Together

Let’s Work Together

Crystalline Consciousness 1:1 sessions 

Learn how to heal your life, and balance and restore your nervous system with Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™

In other forms of energy work, Reiki, Healing Touch, Access Bars to name a few, the work is performed on the electromagnetic field of the body.

Currently the body and the earth herself have a new, upgraded energy system called the crystalline energy system.

This energy system works through our connective tissues, mineral salts, and water. The crystalline system can hold large amounts of information, process emotions, feelings and thoughts at incredible speed without becoming exhausted like our nervous system (electromagnetic system) does.

By working with the Three Phases of Transformation (as Nature herself does) we begin to bring structure and order to the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Spiritual and Crystalline aspects of ourselves.

The Three Phases of Transformation are Opening, Chaos (Healing Chambers) and Mastery. Opening is our starting point. It’s where we connect to the intention we have for ourselves and are choosing to bring forth in our lives. Think of your intention as a seedling you’re planting in the soil of your consciousness.

The second phase of transformation is the Chaos stage where we apply sacred geometric structures to enable old patterns and obstructions to begin to fall away. Simultaneously, sacred geometry will create the energetic structure for the new you that is showing up.

The healing chambers or sacred geometric shapes correspond to the elements of earth, water, fire, air and love. You can relate to the natural elements nourishing your seedling much like the healing chambers do for your intention.

The last phase of Transformation is Mastery where your process becomes fully integrated. You will have reached a new level of being and operating in your life and in the world.

These phases are constantly in motion and are playing out in all the aspects of our lives each moment.

When we begin to consciously choose to work with creation, nature becomes our powerful ally.

We then are able to align ourselves with the cycle of growth and transformation as opposed to avoiding or possibly fearing change. We are meant to grow and expand throughout our entire lives.

Now, more than ever before, it is essential for humanity to adapt, shift and grow as our old world systems crumble and change on a daily basis.

Activating and working with your crystalline energy system will enhance your well being in countless ways. Schedule your appointment today. 


Activate your crystalline system! 

Crystalline Consciousness Technique is a cutting edge ,energy accelerator system for the New Earth Energies.

This modality works with conscious intent, the universal phases of transformation and sacred geometry.

30 Days

Jump start your transformation journey with the following, custumized for YOU package. 

  • 30 day energetic, alchemical container
  • Intention setting call.
  • 2 CCT sessions + CCT charts where appropriate
  • Coaching call
  • Your choice:
  • Creation Team Reading (Astrology Natal Chart Reading)
  • Intro to manifestation matrix/working with elements +Elemental Oracle Deck


  • Complete Akashic Record Soul Profile reading
  • Embodiment practices to take home

90 Days

Choose this package if you are ready to activate and fully embody the next version of  YOU!

This package includes:

  • 90 day energetic, alchemical container
  • Intention setting call
  • Two (2) CCT sessions per month totaling 6 sessions.  Charts if needed
  • Coaching call each month totally 3 calls.
  • Your Choice:
  • Creation Team Reading (Astrology Natal Chart Reading)
  • Elemental Oracle Deck
  • Introduction to manifestation matrix/working with the elements+Oracle Deck
  • Two (2) CCT sessions per month totaling (6 sessions) + Charts if needed


  • Complete Akashic Record Soul Profile reading
  • Embodiment practices to take home

“Everytime I force myself to show up to or do something that is not in alignment with who I truly am, less and less of me shows up. Are you ready to start showing up FULLY for YOU?”

~ S. Combs

Below is a list of the various training and certifications as well as my own natural gifts that influence my work today. Additionally, I am happy to customize a package specifically for your individual needs or schedule services from the following list:

  • BS Natural Health 2009

  • Crystalline Consciousness Technique, Master of Transformation 2021

  • Chakradance Licensed Facilitator 2021

  • Sovereign Sisters Rising Sacred Circle Leadership/Alchemy  2021

  • Natural Rhythms Creation Coach and Facilitator 2019

  • Creatively Fit Coach 2015

  • Conscious Dance Facilitator 2019

  • Elemental Oracle Card Reader 2019

  • Creation Time (Astrology Birth chart) Certification 20019

  • Akashic Record Reading; Soul Realignment Practitioner 2016

  • Reiki Master 2009

  • Feng Shui practitioner 9 Harmonies School of Feng Shui  2012

  • EFT/TFT certification 2019

  • Barbara Brennan Healing Method 2018

  • Hypnotherapy certification, Dr. Karen Wells 2018

  • Mediumship and Intuitive Readings Lifelong giftStudent of Buddhism and Tibetan Shamanism for over 20+ years 1995-2021

  • Mindfulness meditation 2020-202

“I am writing this in high praise of Sandy Combs and her empathic, sensitive, energy work. 

I have known and worked with Sandy on a regular basis for two years. She is always positive, outgoing, insightful, and caring. I always learn valuable lessons from her. She is open and accepting so it is easy to be open with her. She is understanding and compassionate. Although we almost always do deep healing work, I always enjoy and look forward to our time together. Her CCT work has clearly helped and continues to support me in achieving the new career I want by transforming my fear of this future into excitement, enthusiasm and motivation.

Sandy is definitely one of the blessings in my life.”

– Jerry Levin, PhD, LMT

“Before my CCT session with Sandy, I was feeling dull. I had crossed a threshold with supporting myself, but each day was mediocre, one after another. There was no joy, and I wasn’t even interested in things that I enjoy. The future looked bleak. My dreams were as substantial as morning fog…This had been a decades-long pattern that I was eager to change.

During our 1st session, Sandy’s voice was so soothing and comforting. I was able to relax and breathe easily. After that session, my energy level rose. I was able to see new opportunities and take action on them. Synchronicities began happening that lifted my spirits even more. I felt I had set down a large and heavy load. 

Because this had been a long-time pattern, we scheduled 2 more sessions. After the 2nd session in which I experienced some very interesting visuals, I slept for a very long time. A deep and restful sleep. The opportunities and synchronicities  continued, this time quicker and more amazing than after the 1st session.

The 3rd session was as powerful and relaxing as the 1st and 2nd, although this time seemed lighter and easier than the others. 

Now, a few weeks later, I have solid life-dreams that I am taking steps towards. Things are moving in a positive way that was previously unimaginable. I am making time for activities I enjoy, and my days are much more productive. I can see a future for myself, and I like it!! I am able to deal with problems and obstacles instead of curling up in a ball and escaping through naps or video binging. 

I cannot recommend Sandy and her CCT sessions enough! Whether you’ve had life-long counterproductive patterns/habits, or you need to clear something less habitual that’s holding you back – Sandy’s sessions are Priceless.”

– Annette Pedersen, Astrologer