Chakradance live and online classes 

“Move your body change your life.” 

Chakradance is a journey of self discovery! No dance steps to master. Just you following your inner rhythm and instincts.

We’ll begin with a short meditation. Next we’ll plant our feet firmly on the floor, eyes softly closed or gazing downward. Through specifically crafted music and guided imagery you’ll find your own inner rhythm. Inner experiences will be activated.

Think of this as entering a waking dream. Images may arise as well as insights or memories as you dance your way deeper into your own innerworld.

Following the dance we’ll create a mandala to integrate our experience more fully and close with a short meditation. This powerful work fuses ancient wisdom, Jungian psychology and movement. 

Together we will dive deeply into the chakra system and the corresponding archetypes that represent all seven primary chakras. We will learn ways to balance, restore and harmonize our energy system.

We’ll learn what each chakra correlates to in the physical body as well as how each energy system is an incredible portal of insight, communication and wisdom awaiting our discovery.

Most classes run in a series of 9 weeks. This allows for an opening discovery session on our first week followed by each of the individual chakras (1 per week for 7 weeks ) and finally culminating in our integration week/dance.

Chakradance has a long history of bringing safe, well balanced growth and change to those who do it regularly.

Connecting the mind, body and soul brings about powerful transformation that allows individuals to release unwanted stress patterns, addictions, toxic relationships and many more benefits. And you will feel more energized, happier and ALIVE which is good for EVERY body!

Come out and play with us!

Move your body and change your life!

Stay tuned for both in person and online classes.